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Change of feed

It is very important that the transition to a different feed is made gradually.
If your horse used to get a lot of grains, then gradually reduce the amount.
Imagine that you, as a human, eat a few Mars bars every day or put a lot of sugar in your coffee or tea. Then you have to get used to the reduced amount of sugar you get.

It is the same with horses. Horses that get a lot of grains, those grains convert to sugars, have to get used to going from burning sugar to burning fat.

It is important that your horse has something to eat throughout the day and something in his stomach because a horse produces gastric acid throughout the day. So give plenty of roughage!

After switching feeds you will be able to notice the first changes after about 4 weeks. Horses may become more energetic, but also calmer, their coat may become shinier, itching may disappear, they are feeling well, horses that are too fat may loose weight and horses that are too skinny may gain weight.

Please refer to our reset protocol and follow the steps on how to gradually get your horse used to Metazoa Fitright and/our Metazoa Musclefit.

Does Metazoa have feed for donkeys?

Yes we do!
The feed of Metazoa contains exactly the right nutrients with the right ratios.
Important, because a shortage of essential minerals and vitamins is not solved with only roughage.
Metazoa Fitright is very suitable for donkeys.

Natural nutrition

By natural nutrition we mean:
Food that exactly matches what the body needs, i.e. easily digested and easily absorbed. For horses this is basically good roughage.

As a herbivore, a horse in nature mainly eats grass, herbs, leaves, (bulbs, roots eruit) and nibbles on bushes, branches etc. In this way the horse gets the right building materials and fuels (proteins and carbohydrates), vitamins and minerals.

The complex carbohydrates from this roughage, are converted by intestinal bacteria into energy for the horse and ensure a stable blood sugar level.
Natural nutrition and lifestyle provide protection against disease.
In a natural, ideal situation a horse can eat all day long and can decide for himself what. This can vary by season and by horse.

Unfortunately, many domesticated horses are fed at set times. Not infrequently a lot of grain-containing chunks, and only a little hay. They then lack necessary minerals and vitamins which they can also not absorb from the pasture in which they walk. This pasture is often impoverished and does not contain the variety of nutrients that your horse needs.

Metazoa has developed products that ensure that your horse gets exactly what it needs.

Do you want to give your horse some extra, or does your horse do a lot of physical work?
Then feed some extra MuscleFit HP23. Fitright Alfalfa contains a lot of proteins which your horse needs for building up its muscles.

You can also feed coarse alfalfa. By chewing extra, more saliva is formed and digestion improves.

But basically, your horse will have enough with good hay and Fitright.
In addition to FitRight, MusclefFit HP23, NaturalFit Esparcette pellet is a wonderful product to add for a healthy intestinal flora

History Metazoa

Metazoa has been producing feed for various animal species since 1994.
Owner Marc Jansen is a passionate nutritionist and valued advisor to zoos.
Over the years, he has gained a wealth of experience in feeding a wide range of animals at several zoos in the EU.
Marc knows from experience that errors in nutrition can cause health problems that will even affect the next generations.
From this vision he makes feed that contributes to good breeding results.
Combined with his great knowledge on animal evolution, Metazoa produces the best feed for your beloved animals!


Do mice like FitRight?
Answer: No, mice do not like it because there is no grain or molasses in it.
Advice: store the bags under dry conditions.

Reset protocol

When feeding Metazoa for the first time, we recommend that you take note of the reset protocol.

The reset protocol helps you and your horse to switch step by step to the feed your horse needs exactly.

Practical: first give hay and preferably only after 20 minutes FitRight Timothy, Alfalfa or Esparcette or the MuscleFit HP23.

With several horses you will need a separate feeding trough for each one because of food envy but also for the peace and quiet. A horse must be able to eat in peace. Do not throw food on the ground because of the risk of sand entering the food. Sand gives a risk of colic.


Characteristics of good hay for your horse: stalky , well dry, not dusty, smells good.

Quantity of roughage per day : per 100 kg body weight, 2 kg.
An average horse weighs 500 kg, so that is 10 Kg of hay per day.

It is a guideline that can also vary per horse, depending on season and exercise.
In addition to roughage, you feed FitRight, whereby you can choose between Esparcette, Timothy or Alfalfa.

Metazoa MuscleFit HP23 provides proteins that are necessary for muscle building.


Choose stalky hay that is well grown and well dry.
Make sure the hay is not dusty and smells good.

On average, a horse needs about 2 kg per 100 kg body weight in roughage.
An average horse of 500 kg therefore needs about 10 kg hay per day.
But of course this can vary from horse to horse and also from season to season and from effort that your horse has to make. But it gives you a guideline.

In addition to unlimited roughage, give FitRight and roughage.
Give Musclefit Alfalfa hp23 for building up the muscles.
If you want to do it all optimally, we recommend FitRight Esparcette for a good intestinal flora.

Take a look at our reset protocol, this protocol is specially designed to get
rider and horse to get used to a new way of feeding.

Quantity of roughage?

Am I giving enough forage to my horse?
The basis of the ration of horses and ponies should be good roughage.

For quantities, see the ration advice table.
It is especially important that your horse gets enough dry matter.

Metazoa Fitright is intended to supplement the missing minerals and vitamins together with Metazoa Musclefit HP 23.

The Musclefit is a pellet based on Alfalfa, which contains a lot of proteins that are important for muscle building.

If you give your horse enough roughage, you are not feeding your horse too little. Roughage is the basis of a ration for horses. Hay contains more nutrients than grass, because hay has been allowed to grow well. So preferably feed hay.
Even in summer when your horse is out in the field 24/7, it is good to feed hay as well and at least to supplement minerals and vitamins.

Packaging small

Smaller packages of 4 kg are available in pet stores.
These packs are useful if you want to introduce your horse to Metazoa.