Metazoa animal feed

Exactly what they need

A plan for physically and mentally healthy animals

Metazoa researches, develops and produces balanced nutrition and supplementation for different animal species.
The products put the evolutionary development of an animal species next to the way it lives with us today.
By doing so, you achieve the ideal nutritional balance.
This strengthens the self-healing capacity of an animal and thus helps the owners take responsibility for the well-being of their animal.
Marc Jansen, nutritionist and owner
Metazoa originated from the hobby and personal interest of Marc Jansen. Already during his education at the agricultural college in Dronten, he experimented with nutrition for various exotic animals.
Over the past thirty years, he has built the company into a premium supplier of scientifically based animal nutrition.
With a wide range of feeds that are developed and produced from a unique vision.
In 2011 a specific question about the horse of a customer led to the development of the current range of high quality horse supplements.
Our vision