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A plan for physically and mentally healthy animals starts with nutrition.

A plan for physically and mentally healthy animals starts with nutrition.
Metazoa researches, develops and produces balanced nutrition and supplementation for different animal species. The products put the evolutionary development of an animal species next to the way it lives with us today. By doing so, you achieve the ideal nutritional balance. This strengthens the self-healing capacity of an animal and thus helps the owners take responsibility for the well-being of their animal.
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Marc Jansen, nutritionist and owner

Metazoa originated from the hobby and personal interest of Marc Jansen. Already during his education at the agricultural college in Dronten, he experimented with nutrition for various exotic animals. Over the past thirty years, he has built the company into a premium supplier of scientifically based animal nutrition. With a wide range of feeds that are developed and produced from a unique vision. In 2011 a specific question about the horse of a customer led to the development of the current range of high quality horse supplements.
Marc has an unbridled passion for animal health and nutrition science. With this, he is committed to perfecting the composition of animal nutrition. In this way he wants to help owners to make and keep their animals healthy.

Jolanda Vuyk, commercial director

Jolanda is responsible for concept and business development within Metazoa. Earlier in her career, she developed commercial concepts and marketing strategies for various companies. Always based on expertise, intuition and feeling for the talents of the employees involved.
Coincidence brought Marc on her path. Their shared passion turned out to be a great interest for a healthy lifestyle of people and animals. To bring the unique feed of Metazoa to the world, she joined. From her authentic home in nature, surrounded by animals, she works passionately on the mission of Metazoa: to give as many animals as possible a healthy lifestyle.

Wendy van Loenen,Customer service and product information

The love for horses has been poured into her veins. She followed the training in horse keeping in Barneveld and finished it successfully.
Wendy worked in different disciplines within the equestrian world and her main interest lies with the nutritional choices for horses. One phase later, Wendy decided to study Social Work at the HAN, which she finds very useful in all the advice she gives to Metazoa customers. Wendy loves animals and people and is happy to assist you by email or phone.

Vision on animal feed and supplementation

Animals kept by humans are completely dependent on their owner. For a suitable housing, for loving care, for the space for natural behavior and certainly for proper nutrition. Most animal owners feel very responsible for the welfare of their animal. For knowledge and expertise, the owner relies on professionals such as veterinarians, veterinary surgeons, farriers, etc. And, of course, on brands that provide products for animals, such as the nutrition brands.
From a nutritional perspective, Metazoa wants to support owners in their responsible task. Indeed, nutrition has a major impact on the well-being of the animal. With as main pillars: the evolutionary development of an animal and the way it is kept today. Some species have changed considerably genetically over time and, moreover, an animal that does not live in the wild functions at a different rhythm, with consequences for its physiology and nutrition plan.

What we make

We believe that any plan for physically and mentally healthy animals starts with nutrition. That's why we create the best balanced nutrition plan for exotic animals, companion animals, farm animals and horses.
We do this from three areas of expertise:
- By researching evolution, physiology, nutrition and lifestyle.
- By analyzing, formulating and producing the right ration.
- By sharing knowledge about rationing, stress reduction and welfare


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