We work together with many parties based on a shared vision: the idea that nutrition has a huge impact on animal welfare.


We work together with many parties based on a shared vision: the idea that nutrition has a huge impact on animal welfare.

Veterinarian Jan Bos

From a common passion for animals and welfare, Metazoa and Jan Bos work together.

Jan Bos supports the principle of Metazoa to feed the animals as natural as possible with ingredients that meet the specific needs of the animals. The products of Metazoa meet per animal species and in their life stage, the essential needs for optimal health and well-being.

Who is Dr. Jan Bos?
Jan Bos grew up on a farm in the Frisian countryside and was always involved in the ups and downs of the animals. After high school he knew for sure that he wanted to become a veterinarian. In 1985 he graduated as a veterinarian.
In his early days as a practicing veterinarian, Jan gained a lot of experience in various veterinary practices for small animals, horses and farm animals. In the late 1980s, Jan went to the University of California to specialize as a veterinarian in exotic animals. Among other things, he gained experience at the San Francisco and Sacramento zoos. Subsequently, Jan worked for two years at the University of Utrecht where he did research on internal diseases of dogs, cats and special animals.

Since 1993 Jan has been the veterinarian of Ouwehands Dierenpark in Rhenen.
He is a much sought-after specialist (a.o. by the police) in remote stunning of animals, trains other veterinarians but also foresters in the field of tele-immobilization and has been registered as a wildlife consultant for many years.
He advises other zoos and zoos in the care of exotic animals. Within the zoos he is a member of the Nutrition Group which exchanges information and gives advice on the best nutrition for zoo animals. Jan Bos is also the owner of the Berg&Bos veterinary clinic in Rhenen.

At Metazoa, Dr. Jan Bos is the source of information on nutritional issues for a wide range of animal species. Metazoa provides product information and Dr. Jan Bos gives nutritional advice. Owners who want to give their animal good nutrition can be expertly helped by Dr. Jan Bos. Tariff of a telephone or email consultation is mentioned on

Sanne van Wingen (Metazoa ambassador)

To practice equestrian sports with passion, a healthy horse is most important.
For this reason, sport horses deserve the very best.
Starting with 'you are what you eat', high quality nutrition forms the basis for a good condition.
Balanced nutrition including the right vitamins and minerals are the building blocks for a healthy future.
That is why I choose to feed Metazoa.
The roughage ration for our horses is supplemented with the following Metazoa products:
  • Fitright
  • Musclefit HP 23
  • FitTreats
  • Naturalfit Alfalfa
  • Naturalfit Muesli
I am proud of Metazoa's support.
The team is assisting us in word and deed to ensure an appropriate feed policy.
Thank you for your trust and I look forward to a beautiful cooperation.



Metazoa believes in cooperation and in strengthening each other, which is why we have entered into a partnership with Agradi.
Agradi is the online shop for the equestrian sector!

With over 100,000 products and 300 brands, Agradi is there for both the professional, the hobbyist and the private individual.

At Agradi you can enjoy the convenience of online ordering and have your package delivered wherever and whenever you want.
Agradi aims to unburden the equestrian sector and be a total supplier for every horse lover.