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Metazoa makes natural, scientifically grounded feed for all kinds of horses. Whether they are for sport, recreation, breeding or in the stable, we use our expertise and products to create the perfect nutrition plan.

Horses come in all shapes and sizes, as do their owners. It makes a lot of difference whether your horse is warm-blooded or cold-blooded. Whether it is ridden competitively or recreationally. Whether you want to breed with it or not. Because every time you feed your horses, you are also feeding their offspring. But they all have one thing in common: healthy feed is important because horses have a sensitive digestive tract.

Essential nutrients

Metazoa's feed contains exactly the right nutrients with the right absorption and proportions. This is important, because a shortage of essential minerals and vitamins cannot be solved with roughage alone. In many types of muesli, pellets and slobber, ingredients such as corn and molasses are found that can cause behavioral and health problems.

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The right feed for every horse

Nutrition is essential for improving your horse's performance. It is an integral part of training. With the right nutrition, your horse will be faster, stronger and healthier.
Many horse feeds contain unnatural additives that your horse likes but does not need. Switching to the right feed can lead to fewer problems with your horse.
Feeding well now is important for the next generations. Because everything you feed your horses, you also feed their offspring.
With the right nutrition, your entire stable will stay strong and healthy. Fewer diseases, fewer injuries and more happy horses. This way you build up an image of quality and good service.

Getting used to a new diet

Changing a horse's diet is not easy. Therefore, be aware of the process before you switch to Metazoa. With this reset protocol, you can ensure that your horse remains healthy during and after the switch.
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What Metazoa can do for your horse

In nature, horses eat a diverse menu of grasses, herbs and other vegetation. Just like people, they need that varied menu to get the important minerals, vitamins and proteins. Modern roughage alone won't get them all the essential nutrients.
Many horses get muesli, pellets and slobber in addition to roughage. And depending on the ingredients, that tends to be tastier than healthy. Because that kind of food often contains molasses, grain and soy. Ballast substances that can cause problems in health and behavior. And that you will not find in our products.
What horses really need is a generous portion of roughage along with a supplement for minerals and vitamins, and in some cases protein. That is the basis of Metazoa's products: supplementation that completes what your horse lacks. As natural as possible. Without harmful ballast substances.
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