Products for horses

Metazoa has a wide range of premium horse feed made from the best raw materials. As natural as possible. Without harmful ballast substances.

What your horse needs

What horses really need is a generous portion of roughage along with a supplement of minerals and vitamins, and in some cases protein. That is the basis of Metazoa's products: supplementation that completes what your horse lacks.
We offer a comprehensive range of horse feeds and supplements for different applications:
Balancers like Metazoa FitRight Alfalfa are fed alongside unlimited roughage to fulfill the vitamin and mineral needs of your horse.
Roughage such as Metazoa NaturalFit Muesli is a tasty and healthy alternative to hay, for example.
Specialist feed such as Metazoa MuscleFit HP23 is due to the high protein content ideally suited to maintain muscles, for example in top sport horses.

Exactly what they need