23 - 01 - 2022

Jolanda Vuyk, Co-owner, concept and business development

Jolanda is responsible for the concept and business development within
Earlier in her career she developed commercial concepts and
marketing strategies for various companies.
Always based on expertise, intuition and feeling for the talents of the employees involved and the product that is central.
Coincidence brought Marc on her path. Their shared passion turned out to be a great interest for a healthy lifestyle of people and animals.
To bring the unique feed of Metazoa to the world, she joined .
From her authentic home in nature among the animals, she is working with passion on the mission of Metazoa: to give as many animals as possible a healthy lifestyle and thereby promoting their wellbeing.
To contribute to the well-being of animals by providing exactly the right nutrition they need.
Do you feel committed to this goal and do you want to help spreading this mission?
You can help us by alerting others to our website and our socials
Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok.
Are there any topics that you think would help spread awareness and thus lead to greater welfare for animals, both horses and exotics, please email us at the address below: