This fragrant plant blooms from May to September with a dark pink corolla.

Metazoa DigestFit Sainfoin

The pure sainfoin pellet.
15 kg

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Metazoa DigestFit Sainfoin

The pure sainfoin pellet.


This fragrant plant blooms from May to September with a dark pink corolla.
15 kg

Big order? Contact us.

Horses eat roughage all day long. But because modern roughage is not as varied as their natural menu, it leaves them short on vitamins and minerals. Metazoa FitRight sainfoin fills that lack of minerals and vitamins. Without unnecessary additives and ballast substances. Exactly what is needed for a healthy and happy horse.
  • Made off chopped sainfoin
  • Free from grain, soya, molasses and GMO
  • Can be fed wet
  • Contains 7% condensed tannins

Nutritional balance

Metazoa FitRight sainfoin is a natural balancer made from the plant species sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia). To this is added a blend of essential vitamins and minerals along with calcium carbonate, flaxseed and salt. FitRight contains only the 3% sugar found naturally in esparcette. It is free of unnecessary substances such as molasses, corn and soy. The esparcette plant naturally contains a small amount of tannin.
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Feed Advice

You feed FitRight in addition to unlimited roughage. The vitamins, minerals and proteins ensure that the horse gets everything it needs. It is suitable for all types of horses, from recreational horses to top sport horses.
Your horse only needs a small quantity of FitRight: 50 grams daily per 100 kilograms of body weight. To make your horse chew better, you can feed it together with the whole plant, for example with Metazoa NaturalFit Lucerne or Esparcette.
Longer chewing contributes to healthier teeth and better digestion.
Top sporthorses that need extra protein can also be supplemented with Metazoa MuscleFit HP23.
Would you like your horse to make a healthy transition to Metazoa? Please use our reset protocol.
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Raw materials

  • Raw materials
  • Esparcette
  • Premix (vitamins and minerals)
  • Flaxseed
  • Minerals

Feed Analysis

% / Quantity per kilogram
Crude protein
15% / 150 g
Crude fiber
18,6% / 186 g
Raw inorganic matter
20,6% / 206 g
Gecondenseerde tannines
7% / 70 g
Rough fat
7% / 70 g
Starch (from esparcette
1,63% / 16,3 g
Sugar (from esparcette)
2,98% / 29,8 g
VRE Horse
10,4% / 104 g
EW Horse


Hoeveelheid per kilogram
Sodium (Na)
12 g
Potassium (K)
17,43 g
Magnesium (Mg)
20 g
Calcium (Ca)
38 g
Phosphorus (P)
3,4 g
Zwavel (S)
2,3 g
Manganese (Mn)
500 mg
Zinc (Zn)
1200 mg
Coppur (Cu)
200 mg
iron (Fe)
383 mg
Iodine (I)
7 mg
Selenium (Se)
1.74 µg
Kobalt (Co)
2.6 µg

We take all possible measures to prevent this product from being contaminated with potentially suspect substances (doping). For example, by using safe raw materials and by observing good hygiene rules during the production process.