Originally this nutritious and tasty grass comes from North America.

Metazoa CareFit Timothy

  • Chopped Timothy
  • To soak in water
  • Easy to chew
15 kg

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Metazoa CareFit Timothy

  • Chopped Timothy
  • To soak in water
  • Easy to chew


Originally this nutritious and tasty grass comes from North America.
15 kg

Big order? Contact us.

The diet of horses consists largely of roughage. Some horses have difficulty chewing, and therefore do not eat enough. You can then feed them with Metazoa CareFit Timothy - a natural chunk that you dissolve in water. Without unnecessary additives and ballast substances. Exactly what is needed for a healthy and happy horse.
  • Made from chopped Timothy
  • Especially for horses that need extra care
  • Free from grain, soya, molasses and GMO
  • Soak in water for at least 15 minutes
  • Many horses love Timothy

Nutritional balance

Metazoa CareFit Timothy consists entirely of Timothy. Horses naturally find this grass very tasty, making them want to eat a lot of it. You can therefore feed with CareFit Timothy when your horse has difficulty eating, for example by bad teeth. Timothy naturally contains vitamins and minerals, but relatively little sugar. It is also free from unnecessary substances such as grain, soya and molasses.
You can find the full composition of this product at the bottom of the page.
The right nutrition has an important effect on the well-being of animals. If your horse is in nutritional balance, it gets everything it needs. This promotes a vital self-healing mechanism and thus reduces physical and mental problems in the horse
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Feeding advice

You feed CareFit Timothy as a supplement to roughage, or as a replacement. The pellets are water soluble. This makes it easy to eat for older horses, horses with a reduced appetite or horses with bad teeth. Before use, soak it in water for at least 15 minutes. After 1 hour the product does not expand further. Besides roughage, your horse needs a balancer, such as Metazoa FitRight Timothy. This contains all essential vitamins and minerals.
Do you want your horse to switch to Metazoa in a healthy way? Then use our reset protocol.
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Raw materials

  • Timothy

Feed Analysis (x)

% / Quantity per kilogram
Crude protein
14,8% / 148 g
Rough fat
5% / 50 g
Crude fiber
19,8% / 198 g
Raw inorganic matter
22,4% / 224 g
1,3% / 13 g
0,4% / 4 g
Starch (from Thimothy)
3,0% / 30 g
Sugar (from Timothy)
1,8% / 18 g


Quantity per kilogram
Calcium (Ca)
Phosphorus (P)
3,2 g
Sodium (Na)
Kalium (K)
24,2 mg
Magnesium (Mg)
20 g
Zinc (Zn)
1323 mg
Iron (Fe)
Copper (Cu)
215 g
Iodine (I)
7,5 mg
Manganese (Mn)
500 mg
Selenium (Se)
1,74 mg
Cobalt (Co)
3,0 mg
Chlorine (Cl)
17,9 g

Added vitamins

Quantity per kilogram
Vitamin A
45,000 I.E.
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2
Vitamin D3
16,000 I.E.
Vitamin E
Vitamin C
Vitamin B12
1200 µg
2000 µg

We take all possible measures to prevent this product from being contaminated with potentially suspect substances (doping). For example, by using safe raw materials and by observing good hygiene rules during the production process.